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We love aerospace aliens

Do you hate dealing with low-volume complex machined parts?

Graves Aircraft Components specialises in machining strangers and aliens for aerospace manufacturers. So whatever the complexity and number of processes required, our quality is always of an exactingly high standard.

What’s more, you can save on inspection costs because we will do this for you; and you can relax about on-time delivery – our performance is first class and we have the data to prove it!

So if strangers and aliens are creating cost and risk, then we can help.

At Graves we have been manufacturing low volume, complex machined parts for more than fifty years. The company was established to manufacture high tolerance gauges for the automotive industry, but switched to the aerospace industry as demand grew for complicated critical components. Dowty Fuel Systems (now Goodrich Engine Control Systems) became our biggest customer and Graves is now a strategic partner to Goodrich for the supply of fuel line spares. In understanding the unique requirements of customers for these products we have been able to develop a manufacturing, production and delivery system that is specifically tailored to meet these challenges.

In 1999 Graves was acquired by an engineering group with interests in both the automotive and aerospace markets. The group strategy is to continue the growth of Graves in this niche market.


Spring housing used on afterburner unit of harrier jump jet engine